daGeorgia Sykes Sullivan
23 August 1917 - 12 April 1967

Flowers for Mother

These velvet roses, fringed with Queen Anne's Lace,
Do they recall my first bouquet to you?
That ragged bunch of wilted dandelions
You treasured and arranged in your best vase?
The broken stems, the accidental weeds
I brought when I was small, received the care
Of lavish blooms in later years. It's true:
A mother's love is all a flower needs.
Credits: 2007 Ideals Publications | 1967 Hallmark 

I like a train -- and give me, too,
A train that doesn't rush straight through
From city to city, but stops instead
To tuck each sleepy town in bed!
Credit: The Saturday Evening Post, June 24 1939
Small Hunter

Up from the lower pasture
The boy returns -- a man.
This time no small excuses
Tell how the rabbit ran.
Two furry feet clutched fiercely,
He tries to hide in vain,
With nonchalant acceptance,
His price, his joy -- his pain.
Credit: The Saturday Evening Post 
VITA: Agnostic, Bridge Master, Cook, Dancer, Daughter, Friend, Hausfrau, Muse, Navy Wife, Poet, Reader, Truthteller, Word Enthusiast
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