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BB2K for JB/CC/JC, 18 years later, Under the L with Elroy, John the revelator, Willie, Mother Mary, Juke joints of the midwest, Green light, 8 to the bar, House rocking, Cheaper to keep her, Mission possible, Russian neanderthals, Looking for a fox, Cufflinks big as jaybird eyes, Race, chase, join the band, all have jobs, Aretha, Little respect, Love exchange like pajama game, Call on me, Battle of the bands, Mr. Fabulous, Let's highball, Puffball attack, Wheels across the river, US neanderthals counter international Jewish commie spy ring in action muddied by Russian neanderthals, Howdy no hoddo, Riders, Calling the best car, Revs, Jesus, Voodoo.
Midi Music Credit: Mr. Herbie Hancock

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