Chief Superintendent ADAM DALGLIESH
of New Scotland Yard
Adam DalglieshThe Matron and the Sisters had their living quarters on the third floor of Nightingale House. When he reached the top of the staircase, Dalgliesh saw that the southwest wing had been cut off from the rest of the landing by a specially constructed partition in whitepainted wood in which a door, meanly proportioned and insubstantial in contrast to the high ceiling and oaklined walls, bore the legend "Matron's Flat". There was a push bell but before pressing it, he briefly explored the corridor. It was similar to the one below but fitted with a red carpet which, although faded and scuffed, gave an illusion of comfort to the emptiness of this upper floor. Dalgliesh moved silently from door to door. Each bore a handwritten name card slotted into the brass holder. He saw that Sister Brumfett occupied the room immediately adjacent to Matron's flat.
  • Shroud for a Nightingale, 1971
  • P. D. James
"In the Dorothy Sayers tradition, except that Mrs. James has much more insight into character. The people in these pages are anything but stereotypes; the author's approach is sensitive and mature and the writing just purrs along, holding you all the way." TNYTBR
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