Ellery QueenEllery opened his eyes to a creeping gray Saturday morning. His father was gone and in the study Harry Burke was going through the morning newspaper. "You were pounding the feathers so hard I hadn't the heart to wake you," Burke said. The Scotsman was dressed and pinkly shaved, he had made the daybed, and the pot of coffee on Ellery's electric plate was bubbling. "I've been up for hours." Didn't you sleep well?" Ellery made for the coffee pot like a man dying of thirst. He had slept in fits, dreaming over and over of a faceless face topped by Glory Guild's dyed hair, until, with daylight prying at the venetian blinds, he had fallen asleep from exhaustion. "Like a side of beef," Burke said cheerfully. "That's a sleeping man's bed. My only complaint is that I couldn't find any tea in the kitchen cupboard."
  • Face to Face, 1967
  • Ellery Queen, pseudonym of Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee, cousins, born 6 months apart in 1905 in Brooklyn, New York
"Queen has combined memory and research to create a detailed and delightfully accurate picture of America at the end of the 1920's ... and how good it is to be back there and then." The New York Times, in praise of The Finishing Stroke, 1958
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