Inspector GHOTE
Key InvestigationA case, long stuffed away behind banked-up memories, came back into Ghote's head. It had been to so different from this hypothetical one H. K. Verma had at last arrived at. He wished once more, yet more fervently, he had been able to avoid this meeting. Plainly H. K. Verma must see he was by no means as strong in opposition now as he had been. "Inspector," came the shot-out question, "have you considered what might be the motive for Mrs. Popatkar's murder?"

Oh, before I am getting into this swamp any more deeply, I can at least fall back on police procedures. "Yes, sir. Naturally, I have considered what motive there might be. We do not need to prove motive in a Section 302 offence, that is to say murder. But it can be most helpful to an investigator to learn what is behind any crime."

"Well, Inspector?"
  • Doing Wrong, 1994
  • H. R. F. Keating
"Ghote, the little Indian cop who works out of Bombay, has developed into one of the great characters of the contemporary mystery novel. He is shrewd, he is a bit pompous, he is sensitive, he is determined." TNYTBR
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