Lord Peter Wimsey"Why did they want the body found? They didn't want three hundred pound. They didn't want three hundred pound. And that's why the body wasn't found." "Very good, my lord," said the Inspector. "Why, you're quite a poet." He drew out his notebook and solemnly made an entry of the quatrain. "You could sing it very nicely to the tune of 'Here we go round the mulberry bush'," suggested Wimsey, "with the refrain, 'All on a Thursday morning.' Or it should be 'Thursday afternoon,' but that's just poetic license. You have my permission to perform it at your next police concert. No fee." "You will have your joke, my lord." The Inspector smiled indulgently, but as Wimsey left the police station, he heard a deep voice laboriously humming: "Why did they want the body found, body found, body found; why did they want the body found all of a Thur-ursday morning?" Wimsey went back to the Bellevue and found a note from Harriet containing the substance of her conversation with Mrs. Weldon. He frowned over it for a moment and then abruptly summoned Bunter. "Bunter, my man," said he, "I think it is time you took a trip to Huntingdonshire." "Very good, my lord."
  • Have His Carcase, 1932
  • Dorothy Sayers
"Dorothy Sayers covers the bones of her mystery stories with human flesh as no other writer does." The Christian Century
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