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Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve. This is a motto that I have tried to live by over the past 4 years. These words also seem fitting today as we walk across the stage and turn the page to the next chapter in our lives. We have spent the past 12 or more years of our lives learning. Learning how to do a variety of things, jump rope, ride a bike, drive a car, study, pull an all nighter to finish a project or a paper, and even how to wash the dishes, which we might forget how to do occasionally. We have had our parents, teachers, and friends there for us making sure that we learn how to do all the skills that we will need for our future.

In our next chapter we will have the opportunity to learn even more. However, it will be directed more towards the career that we hope to have in our future. By learning skills that will help us in our future careers we will have more hands on learning experiences. We will actually do the task in order to learn.

By learning to do and doing to learn, we will then be ready to go into the work force. We will earn to live. We will take all of the knowledge we have ever learned, maybe even the skill of jumping rope, and put it to good use.

And finally, we will live to serve. Throughout our lives we will be learning and working to provide for ourselves and our families. But at the end of the day we have to remember to serve others because let's face it, we have had many serve us along the way so that we can be successful; our teachers worked endlessly and stayed late to help us after school, our coaches and advisors traveled on long bus rides and spent their family time to allow us to be successful. Then there are our parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles. The ones who cleaned the house, cooked for us, shuffled us from one activity to the other, watched us in every activity that we ever had, kept up with all their children (but we know we are the favorites) and they still managed to make it all work out flawlessly. Our parents may disagree but to us it always seemed to be perfect. To them we say thank you! We know it's been a long journey and we are glad that we got to travel it with you. It is now our turn to serve others, because we can give back to those that have helped us so much and others who need help in their daily lives.

As we look towards the future we must remember the gifts that we have been given, the special skills that we need to put to good use in order to prepare the next generation. Through our knowledge, talents, and service we can reach whatever goal we set our minds to. As we go forward let us make not only ourselves proud of all that we have accomplished, but let our families, school, and community be proud of all that we have accomplished. I hope to see that each of us will make a difference in the world. So class of 2013, learn, do, earn, serve and I look forward to seeing your future successes.

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