Dr. Gideon Fell
"O Lord!" he breathed, puffing out his cheeks. "O Bacchus!" For Dr. Fell was peering down, like an immense red genie over a microscope, at one of the large silver candelabra on the table behind the sofa.
  • Below Suspicion, 1949
  • John Dickson Carr aka Carter Dickson aka Carr Dickson
"Tops." Saturday Review of Literature
Sir Henry Merrivale
Again Blystone's hand went to his cheek. Marcia, Sanders noticed, kept a look of blank composure. "I'm not jokin', son," insisted H.M., holding up the sheets. "It's all here, if you read it properly. Truth sort of groans between the lines."
  • Death in Five Boxes, 1938
  • John Dickson Carr aka Carter Dickson aka Carr Dickson
"If you want ingenuity of plot, airtight development and good, pungent writing, this is your meat." New Haven Journal-Courier
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