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Bamboozled ~ 2000It's hard to watch but life is. Black, white or gray: do yourself a favor. See this.
Before Night Falls ~ 2000Solid art, finish from start.
Billy Elliot ~ 2000Seasons of Budd, Dee Williams, Eckstein, Joel, "where have you been?" Reasons for frowns on faces of today's young (and old) men (and women).
Black Nativity ~ 2014Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett are spellbinding. Jacob Latimore reminds me of young Nick Cannon. Such a fine film!
Blues Brothers 2KWay to Be, Mr. A.
Borderline ~ 1950 ~ BWINC
Boy ~ 2010Enjoy!
Breakfast of Champions ~ 1999Could be the funniest and saddest thing ever seen, a poignant hoot with Nolte in drag, Willis crazy as a coot, and Albert Finney the best Kilgore Trout imaginable spouting all the Vonnegut Jr. verbally pure poetry and rebel babble, both bathos and pathos, if you know what I mean.
Broadway Melody of 1940 ~ 1940Observations on Eleanor Powell. After this movie, Fred Astaire never wanted her as a partner again and never explained why. Is this because Fred believed only one dancer should command center stage? And yet the two of them danced beautifully alike; you see a double image. Is this because he objected to heavy thighs. Fred's partners before Eleanor: sister Adele, Claire Luce, Dorothy Stone, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rogers, Joan Fontaine; his partners after Eleanor: Ginger Rogers, Paulette Goddard, Virginia Dale, Marjorie Reynolds, Rita Hayworth, Joan Leslie, Lucille Bremer, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Ann Miller, Joan Caulfield, Olga San Juan Vera-Ellen, Betty Hutton, Jane Powell, Sarah Churchill, Leslie Caron, Audrey Hepburn, Janis Paige, Cyd Charisse, Barrie Chase, Petula Clark. I don't think Fred gave a bean about the size of thighs. Eleanor had charming dimples. MOre to the point as Fred said in his autobiography, "She put 'em down like a man, no ricky-ticky-sissy stuff with Ellie. She really knocked out a tap dance in a class by herself."
Bullets over Broadway ~ 1994Parlors for beauty, sweatrooms with lockers, checkered tiles, lazy rivers, art without compromise, sheer Woody.
Car Wash ~ 1976One of the best movies of all time. That I say so little proves what a lazy bum I'm.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ~ 1958Liz is a gorgeous Maggie; Paul is a sexy Brick; Burl is a grand Big Daddy; Dame Judith is Big Mama with schtick. But Jack Carson and Madeline Sherwood as Goober and Sisterwoman? The no-neck clan? And in 1958? Whoa, too human; too great! William H. Macy and Jack Carson cross contemporary boundaries. Am I right or is it too late?
Cool Hand Luke ~ 1967 ~ BWINC
The Crown ~ 2016, 3 seasonsWhodunit mystery and whodunit history -- the British do it best.
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