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The man who didn't Laugh
This face I saw
really surprised me, so I wondered
where in the dickens did it come from?
No laugh lines were present
The only expression I saw was a scowl
An owl, that's what he reminded me of
a scrunched up neck, with shoulders that were
definitely stooped, and positively rounded
Looking at him closely, I wondered if someone
had absconded with his ability to smile
or even laugh for that matter
The more I watched him, I realized
that I was getting madder
for we were in a comedy club
and a young comic was on stage
telling her jokes trying to make us laugh
while we all, except for one, enjoyed her act
We guffawed and chortled and occasionally clapped
What was wrong with this man, was he born
with no sense of humor, or maybe a giant tumor
diminished his ability to show the hint of a smile
Finishing her set, the young comic bowed
Then stepping off stage, she thanked the crowd
The room erupted in boisterous applause
The only one not clapping was this reticent jerk
whose actions demeaned the efforts, of a young comic
who simply loved coming to work
Charles Scudder -- March 2016
Accepted for publication by The Voices Project
Nagging Sorrows
There are too many yesterdays
in my tomorrows, that are
changing all the hours
into uncontrollable, nagging sorrows
The touch of your hand is no more
were precious moments I adored
And I shall always remember
all those nights, you implored
with gentle persuasion
that we make love
And, oh those thousand times
you said, we'd always be together
Were only make believe, like word
in a children's nursery rhyme
The sound of your voice
will forever be missed
And so will the taste
of your lips when we kissed
What am I supposed to do
with all of those tomorrows
I now believe, were moments
you never, really enjoyed
Since finding out the truth
I have become so annoyed
that now I'm living in a parallel universe
Which makes it difficult for me to fathom
how days that have long since died
can cause such nagging sorrows...and so very much alive
Charles Scudder -- March 2016
Accepted for publication by Best New Poems
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