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The next regular meeting of the Marshall Writers' Guild is Thursday, 20 June 2024.
Gentrie DavisGentrie Davis, author of The Value of Being a Volunteer in Your Home and Community, is the 2024 Marshall High School recipient of the Authorene Wilson Phillips Writing Award. ~ More about awards for young writers and recipients ~
The Guild's workshop with guest speaker and former Missouri poet laureate Maryfrances Wagner is a resounding success. Mini memoirs are written and read, followed by tasty box lunches from Mister. Candids courtesy of Marshall Librarian Matt Rahner and Guild president Sharon Eiker-Dyer.
MikeSharon, Maryfrances
Candids from our 2023 holiday lunch and readings at Claudia's Bed and Breakfast with thanks to newly elected-President Sharon Eiker-Dyer, Holly Forsman and guest, Librarian Matt Rayner.
Pensive outgoing President Richards
Guest Katherine Falls, Mary, Sidney
Sullivan holding forth per usual with Schaefer, guest Katherine Falls, and Williams
Rea enjoying himself immensely
Amused guest, Librarian Matt Rahner
Claudia was kind enough to take this picture of the festive gang. Back row: Guest Katherine Falls, President Ed Richards, Rev. Mary Williams, Vice-President Sharon Eiker-Dyer, Sean Rea, guest Matt Rahner, guest Shannon Williams. Front row: Treasurer Carole Schaefer, Secretary Sidney Sullivan, Holly Forsman, guest Sally Swisher.
New Officers
New officers: Rev. Mary Williams, Sharon Eiker-Dyer, Sean Rea, Carole Kayes Schaefer
2018 holiday lunch
2021 holiday lunch
2022 holiday lunch
Dateline: 16 November 2023. The Guild has elected officers for 2 year terms to begin 1 January 2024 as follows:
President: Sharon Eiker-Dyer
Vice President: Sean Rea
Secretary: Rev. Mary Williams
Treasurer: Carole Kays Schaefer
Faith SappingtonFaith Sappington, author of Dragonfly Field, is the 2023 Marshall High School recipient of the Authorene Wilson Phillips Writing Award. ~ More about awards for young writers and recipients ~
William Trowbridge, former Missouri poet laureate, led the 2023 Guild workshop. He made us laugh snd think deep thoughts. He encouraged us to keep writing. Here's his Poetry Foundation biographical sketch. His books are available on his web site or from Amazon.
William Trowbridge
Put This On, PleaseOld Guy, Super Hero
2023 Workshop Attendance
Dateline: 31 January 2023. Member Sean Rea to hold book signing of Guild's 2022 anthology at 1:30 PM in Conference Room 132, 1547 Commerce Drive with books available for purchase.
Candids from our 2022 holiday lunch and readings at Claudia's Bed and Breakfast with thanks to Vice-President Sharon Eiker-Dyer
Carol, Carole
Carol, Carole
Wicky Sleight
Guest Wicky Sleight
2018 holiday lunch
2021 holiday lunch
Rev. Mary Williams, Bueker School Writing Award Winner Zy'Keriyah Napier, Treasurer Carole SchaeferRev. Mary Williams, Bueker School Writing Award Winner Zy'Keriyah Napier, and Treasurer Carole Schaefer participated in the Juneteenth celebration held by the Marshall Public Library at Indian Foothills Park where Zy'Keriyah Napier read her poem, Why.
Rev. Mary Williams, Vice-President Sharon Eiker, Virginia Sprigg
Rev. Mary Williams, Vice-President Sharon Eiker, Virginia Sprigg
The Guilds' 2022 inhouse workshop on April 21 was conducted by Vice-President Sharon Eiker, a poet and performance artist. Her topic was journaling and she led members through the many advantages of this important writing genre. The Guild hopes to resume offering free community workshops on writing in 2023.
From the Guild's 2021 holiday lunch at Claudia's wonderful Bed and Breakfast
Authorene, Ed, Ed
Sidney, Carol, Authorene, Ed, Sharon, Pat
2018 holiday lunch
Dateline: 1 January 2022. The Guild has elected officers for 2 year terms as follows:
President: Edward Richards
Vice President: Sharon Eiker
Secretary: Sidney West Sullivan
Treasurer: Carole Kays Schaefer
The Guild regrets the passing of Penelope Brooks Callaway Athon. Penny was a longstanding Guild member whose fine stories and poetry appeared in many Guild anthologies. She is missed.
Trevor BorgmanTrevor Borgman, author of Friendship, is the 2021 Marshall High School recipient of the Authorene Wilson Phillips Writing Award. More about awards for young writers and award recipients
"The Classic Cars of E. L. Cord" by Guild member Edward Richards appears in the July issue of Rural Missouri. The magazine is available at the Marshall Public Library.
Vice-President Carol Mallman Raynor talks about the Guild on KMMO Community Spotlight.
The Guild celebrates 2019 with a delicious lunch at Rolla's Kitchen on the Square.
Front row: Guest Dr. Richard Raynor, Carol Mallman Raynor, Carole Kays Schaefer,
Virginia Sprigg, Sidney West Sullivan. Back row: Guest Rebecca Sprigg, Edgar Phillips,
Authorene Wilson Phillips, Claudia Gratian, Melanie Dees Campbell, Edward Richards,
Guest Jim Dyer. Picture courtesy of Carole Kays Schaefer.
Dateline: 25 September 2019. Past-President Sidney Sullivan, Treasurer Carole Schaefer, and photographer Holly Forsman delivered Guild material to the State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia. Elizabeth Engels, Senior Archivist, accepted the donation and was kind enough to show us around the new Center for Missouri Studies. The building, constructed with Missouri wood and stone, is stunning. In addition to research materials, there are art collections and a bookstore that accepts new and used books about Missouri on consignment. Guild members who have not visited the new facility are encouraged to do so. Note the SHSMO has bound the Marshall Writers' Guild anthologies, retaining the original covers, and producing quite a handsome set. Direct link to the Center for Missouri Studies.
Visitor parking is behind the building.
Not to fear. There are elevators.
Taking care of posterity business.
Bound in blue and on the shelf.
adison stocksdaleAdison Stocksdale, author of The Procrastination Queen, is the 2019 Marshall High School recipient of the Authorene Wilson Phillips Writing Award. More about awards for young writers and award recipients
Guild member Pat Hammer, also a member of the Marshall Community Theater group, is featured in The Marshall Democrat-News on 3 June 2019. News Story
Guild speaker in 2015, charasmatic José Faus, Kansas City poet and muralist, led the 2019 workshop on May 3. Using his grandmother's beautiful comforter as a muse, he helped members and guests focus on their memories and the writing strong memories can invoke. KCUR 89.3, Faus provides a biographical sketch of Mr. Faus. His most recent collection of poetry, The Life and Times of José Calderon is available on Amazon.
Jose FausThe Life and Times of Jose Calderon, Cover
Books and BrunchYoung Writers
Sidney, Carol, Robin, Jose Faus, Sharon, Irene
The Life and Times of Jose Calderon, Imagina
Dateline: 20 March 2019. The Guild presented writing awards to young writers at Bueker Middle School in Marshall.
Dateline: 1 January 2019. The Guild has elected officers for 2 year terms as follows:
President: Melanie Dees Campbell
Vice President: Carol Raynor
Secretary: Edward Richards
Treasurer: Carole Schaefer
Write On!Dateline: 21 December 2018. Write On! Fact and Fiction | Past and Present, the Marshall Writers' Guild 19th anthology, is on sale for $12 at the Fitzgibbon Hospital Gift Shop and Square Corner in Marshall and the Bucksnort Trading Company in Arrow Rock. The Guild is a Missouri non-profit organization. Your purchase is tax free. Guild anthologies are also sold on Amazon or EBay.
Candids from our 2018 holiday lunch and readings at Claudia's Bed and Breakfast with thanks to member Holly Forsman.
Claudia Hutcherson, Carole
Claudia Hutcherson, Carole
Melanie, Sidney
Melanie, Sidney
Edward, Melanie, Vince
Edward, Melanie, Vince
Claudia, Carol, Authorene, Edgar
Claudia, Carol, Authorene, Edgar
Carole, Carol, Sam Dyer, Vince
Carole, Carol, Sam Dyer, Vince
Sidney, Sharon, Carole
Sidney, Sharon, Carole
local writers
Dateline: 21 August 2018. President Sullivan and Secretary Forsman deliver Guild material to The State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia.
local writers
Marshall Welcome Center and Friends of Jim the Wonder Dog
Eli JacksonEli Jackson, author of Paco the Walking Taco, is the 2018 Marshall High School recipient of the Authorene Wilson Phillips Writing Award. More about awards for young writers and award recipients
Dateline: 5/22/2018 | Savannah Reinke is the St. Peter Catholic School winner of the Marshall Writers' Guild award. More
Dateline: 4/4/2018 | Mattie Thies is the Slater winner of the Marshall Writers' Guild award. More
The Guilds' 2018 free community seminar on April 7 featured Vince Lutterbie who first spoke about his experiences with writing and self-publishing his successful mystery novel After the Facts. He took questions, and there was a lively discussion. Dr. Lutterbie is Vice President of Friends of Jim the Wonder Dog, and he and Larry Arrowood, President, further described their interest in collaborating with the Guild on a book which would cover the years of Jim's lifetime (1920-35) in Saline County.
2018 Workshop
Sidney, Pat, Ed, AuthoreneSam, Carol, Sharon, Jim, Virginia
Carole, EdHolly
PeggyPeggy, Becky
Some candids from our 2017 rollicking holiday lunch and readings at Rolla's Kitchen with thanks to members Sharon Eiker and Holly Forsman.
Jalal AlhamzawiPoet Jalal "Jay" Alhamzawi, author of The Places Life Can Take You, is the 2017 Marshall High School recipient of the Authorene Wilson Phillips Award. More about awards for young writers and award recipients
Dr. Sam C. Dyer, 2017 Workshop Speaker
Dr. Sam C. Dyer, 2017 Workshop Speaker
Dr. Dyer Teaches
Dr. Dyer Teaches
The Guilds' 2017 free community workshop on May 6 featured Dr. Sam C. Dyer who teaches senior and graduate level courses in Public Relations at Southern Missouri State University in Springfield. Dr. Dyer's talk focused on the effects on writing of technology, sociology, and geology. He engaged his rapt audience on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to Shakespeare. The workshop was a resounding success! The Marshall Democrat-News workshop announcement, 4/17/2017
Dateline: 27 April 2017. This week the Guild presented writing awards to young writers in Bueker Middle School in Marshall and Slater Elementary/Middle School.
Holly, Carly, Sidney
Secretary Forsman, Carly Eades, photographer and graphic designer, and President Sullivan judge Marshall High School art. What an honor! Soon this year's chosen MHS writer will be presented with the Guild's annual writing award. More about young writers
Dateline: 1 January 2017. The Guild has elected officers for 2 year terms as follows:
President: Sidney West Sullivan
Vice President: Carol Raynor
Secretary: Holly Forsman
Treasurer: Carole Schaefer
Pat and PenIrene and Virginia
Sharon and SamAuthorene, Ed, Jim, and Sidney
Celebrating another successful year at Bloomfields.
Jacob HollowayPoet Jacob Holloway is the 2016 Marshall High School recipient of the Authorene Phillips Award. Jacob Holloway's Poetry ~ More about awards for young writers.
Guild member and journalist Chuck Scudder will offer a two-day course on Journalism 100 to Bueker Middle School students at the Marshall Public Library on Monday, May 23, and Thursday, May 26. A Viet Nam veteran, Chuck Scudder majored in mass communications and minored in broadcast and film. He has worked for KMOS TV in Sedalia, The Marshall Democrat-News, The Abilene Reporter News in Abilene, Texas, The Kettering-Oakwood Times in Ohio, and KMMO-KMFL in Marshall. His two-day course for young writers is sponsored by the Guild and coordinated with Katie Berger, Library Media Specialist at Bueker.
Guild writings are presented to the Missouri State Historical Society Tuesday, 27 April 2016.
Missouri State Historical Society Visit in 2016
Senior Manuscript Specialist Elizabeth E. Engel
Guild Treasurer Carole Kays Schaefer
Guild Vice President Sidney West Sullivan
William Voelker, 2016 Workshop
The Guilds' 2016 workshop on April 16 featured William Voelker. Mr. Voelker's topic was "Get Your Book in Print: How to Publish Your Own Books Today." His presentation was well-attended and very informative. He is a Marshall resident and available for consultations. Phone number: 660.202.3387, email:, web site:
On the Street Where You LiveDateline: 14 May 2016. On the Street Where You Live in Saline County took first prize in the Missouri Writers' Guild Chapter Anthology Contest for 2015.
Bueker Middle School writers received their awards on March 11. Details
Rocco Scarcello, Vanessa Urbschat
At the October meeting, the Guild was joined by Vanessa Urbschat and Rocco Scarcello, two of the authors in Once Upon a Time at Missouri Valley College: A Year of Campus Folklore, edited by Dr. Claire Schmidt, © 2015. Ms. Urbschat and Mr. Scarcello were informative and entertaining; the discussion was lively and challenging. The book is available at the Missouri Valley College bookstore.
On August 20, following the meeting, a reception was held for Marshall Writers' Guild co-founder Authorene Phillips who has retired as Guild president. Newly elected president Dr. Edward Richards did the honors and treasurer Carole Schaefer presented Authorene with an engraved gold watch from Guild members in tribute to her 20 years of "golden leadership." The Guild will hold its next regular meeting on September 17 in the Marshall Public Library. Story by Lucas Johnson in The Marshall Democrat-News, 8/21/2015.
Authorene and Ed Phillips
Reception | August 20, 2015
Abigail Henke, who won the Guild's young writer's grant in 2015, is the recipient of a chapter scholarship from the Marshall Chapter of the DAR. Congratulations, Abigail! More in The Marshall Democrat-News, 7/10/2015.
Abrea Mizer, who won the Guild's young writer's grant in 2013 and who is studying biochemistry and agricultural leadership at the University of Missouri, is the recipient of a summer internship at Montsanto. Congratulations, Abrea! More in The Marshall Democrat-News, 7/8/2015.
Dateline: 1 January 2015. The Guild has elected officers for 2 year terms as follows:
President: Dr. Edward Richards
Vice President: Sidney West Sullivan
Secretary: Carol Raynor
Treasurer: Carole Schaefer.
Guild members are presently reviewing By-Laws scheduled for adoption at the July 2015 meeting.
Abigail HenkeAbigail Henke, author of "To Be Incandescently Happy", wins the 2015 Marshall Writers' Guild Grant. More about the young writers' grant.
The Guild's 2015 workshop, supported by the Missouri Writers' Guild and Walmart, was held Saturday, April 25. The speaker, José Faus, is a founding member of the Latino Writers Collective and Writers Place board president. His writing has appeared in various anthologies and in the forthcoming, Working: In the Red and the Black, from Helicon Nine Press. He is the 2011 winner of Poets & Writers Maureen Egen Writers Exchange award. His presentation was exciting and engaging. He spoke of words rubbing against one another. We hope to have this speaker again.
Friends and Neighbors Article on Notes and Notables of Saline County, the Guild's annual booklet for 2014. The Marshall Democrat-News, 11/19/2014.
2014 Annual Meeting
2014 Annual Meeting
Cindy UmanaCindy Umana, author of Blue, wins the 2014 Writers' Guild Grant.
Guild member Dr. Edward Richards spoke at the 2014 workshop on Saturday, April 5, in the Covenant Presbyterian Church. His presentation on the research and publication of church histories was excellent.
The Guild will have a table with books for sale at the Marshall Cultural Council's 4th Annual Craft & Arts Fair on Saturday, March 22, from 9 AM to 4 PM at Marshall High School.
The Guild presents a skit, "Moments To Remember", to the Marshall Monday Club. More in The Marshall Democrat-News, 2/24/2014.
Guild member Reverend Vernon Maxted is recognized as a community contributor by the Optimist Club. Story by Brent Kalwei, Intern for The Marshall Democrat-News, 10/1/2013.
The Guild and the Marshall Public Library hosted an informal reception for author Marcia Gorrell. Gorrell spoke with her special brand of humor about farming, farm families, and writing. Her book, Semi View, is available from The Marshall Democrat-News. Story in The Marshall Democrat-News, 9/16/2013 ~ Story by Rachel Knight, Editor for The Marshall Democrat-News, 9/20/2013.Sidney Sullivan and Marcia Gorrell
Visit Harry M. Porter celebrated by the WWII 376th Heavy Bomber Group citing Andrea Richardson Hatfield's interview of Harry Porter for The Forties, the Guild's 2011 publication.
Westport Thank You
Guild treasurer Carole Kays Schaefer presents The Feedsack Dress to Westport Assisted Living Center Activity Director Shirley Kays
June 11, 2013 Letter to Westport:
Dear Westport Assisted Living Friends,
We of the Marshall Writers’ Guild wish to express our sincere thanks to you for the support you have given us the last three years with our writing projects.
We especially want to thank Mary Mark, administrator, for welcoming us, providing those delicious lunches, and purchasing books for Westport residents.
We also want to thank Shirley Kays, activity provider, for scheduling interviews with Westport residents and for sharing our stories with the residents.
Last but not least, we want to thank those residents who have generously shared their irreplaceable memories with us. We feel this endeavor has been an exceedingly worthwhile project, a win/win collaboration, for all involved.
So we are here today to offer you a small token of our vast appreciation. We are presenting to your library the book, The Feedsack Dress, with the hope it brings back some warm memories of a time when "make do" was the motto.
Westport Assisted Living, thank you, and God bless you all for your work here.
Carole Kays Schaefer for the Marshall Writers' Guild.
Abrea MizerAbrea Mizer wins the 2013 Writers' Guild Grant. More
Guild member Reverend Vernon Maxted has published The Restoration of the Church. A book signing sponsored by the Guild is planned for May 30 at 2 PM at the Marshall Public Library. Story by Eric Crump, Editor for The Marshall Democrat-News, 5/28/2013.
The 2013 workshop speaker Carolyn Mulford offered sound tips and good advice on writing, marketing, and publishing.
Guild member Melanie Dees Campbell portrays Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin during a meeting of Marshall's Tea at Two Book Club. Story by Eric Crump, Editor for The Marshall Democrat-News, 2/4/2013. Campbell as Mrs. Charles Dickens, 1/3/2013. The Tea at Two Book Club will meet February 26 at 2 pm in the Marshall Public Library on Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave.
Megan HagerMegan Hager wins the 2012 Writers' Guild Grant. More
Poet and memorist Jo McDougall is featured at the Guild's 2012 workshop. Kansas memoir-writer and poet to be featured at Marshall Writers' Guild annual workshop, Eric Crump for The Marshall Democrat-News, 4/13/2012. Writers' Guild workshop speaker touts meandering memoirs, Sarah Reed for The Marshall Democrat-News, 4/30/2012.
The Guild's 2011 workshop conducted by Missouri Valley College professor Loren Gruber was well attended and inspiring. Professor Gruber talked about effective words and other means of holding the reader's attention before meeting one-on-one with workshop participants. Night Writer Melanie Dees Campbell led the group with open mike presentations./td>
Professor Gruber's freelance writing career began in high school with a publication in "The Upper Room". His appearance in the inaugural edition of "American Haiku" soon followed. "Lyrical Iowa," "Hodgepodge" and "Huginn and Muninn" (Iceland) have also published his poems. American, Viking-era, and local history inspire his award-winning middle grade and young adult fiction. It is published by "Hodgepodge". Gruber's first young adult novel, "Windigo Watchers," is under revision. Set on Minnesota's Cass Lake in 1832, its sequel takes place in 1982. "Big Guns on the Lake" is half-way to completion. "Capper's," "Heartland View," "The Ozarks Mountaineer" and others have published his general-interest articles. Gruber's humor has appeared in Elizabeth Clarkson Zwart's "The Front Row" of "The Des Moines Tribune" and in "Reader's Digest". A member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Gruber is past president and life member of the Missouri Writers Guild. He is past president of the Bentonville-Bella Vista and the Marshall Kiwanis Clubs. Gruber is a frequent guest on KMMO's "In the Outdoors with Brad and Brian." He is also design consultant and field tester for Jensen Jigs Musky Clatterbaits of Neenah, Wisconsin. More than 40 of his undergraduate students have published over 50 pieces commercially. He is especially proud that some have continued their careers as successful writers. Among them is Mellody R. L. Allee who recently published her first book, "Camping in a Pop-Up Camper is Paradise." Jasmine McDowell Grimm, editor-in-chief of the online magazine Connections, received the Silver Pearl Award for online writing excellence. In 2010, she appeared as the youngest entrepreneur to address the Maastricht Institute on the Missouri Valley College campus. Alayna Palmer Hanneken's short story, "The Cruelest Act" that deals with child abuse, placed 30th in a field of 1,000 entrants who competed in the Writer's Digest short story competition. Her story is anthologized. She is currently enrolled in Spalding University's M.F.A. in Creative Writing program. Gruber joined Missouri Valley College as professor of English and professor of mass communication in 1993, where he served for six years as dean of the Arts and Humanities Division. As reported in the paper edition of The Marshall Democrat-News, 4/15/2011. R.I.P., Professor Loren Gruber Obituary, The Marshall Democrat-News, 11/12/2014
With much pleasure Guild members presented gifts of The Great Depression BitterSweet Days 1929-1939, to Westport Estates residents who'd been interviewed for the 2010 booklet. (On the interviews -- It was a great experience!! Fantastic stories!! Authorene Phillips) More from The Marshall Democrat-News, Sarah Reed, 11/9/2010.
On Thursday, November 18, the Guild learned about "Just Write! A Conference for All Writers" and the many benefits of membership in the Missouri Writers Guild from visiting MWG officers and members. More from The Marshall Democrat-News, Sarah Reed, 11/29/2010 ~ Missouri Writers' Guild.
Guild member Carole Kays Schaefer's "Oh, Brother" appears in the October issue of Mature Living.
On Thursday, September 16, the Guild sponsored a Self-Publishing Seminar conducted by Sylvia Forbes. The event was valuable and well attended.
Columbia, 17 June 2010, Take OneMarshall Writers Guild presented their minutes and manuscripts to directors and staff of the Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Columbia in Ellis Library on the University of Missouri campus. The group was treated to a tour of the facility and an explanation of available research possibilities.
Columbia, 17 June 2010, Take Two
Lexie McDanelLexie McDanel wins the 2010 Writers' Guild Grant. More
In April Mary-Lane Kamberg, an award-winning poet and journalist who has published fourteen books, hundreds of poems and articles, and some short fiction, spoke to students at Bueker Middle School and led and energized the Guild's 2010 Workshop. Kamberg's topic: What's So Funny? Her latest book, The I Love To Write Book: Ideas and Tips for Young Writers, can be purchased from Kamberg is co-leader of the Kansas City Writers Group and belongs to the Missouri Writers' Guild, the Oklahoma Writers' Federation Inc., and the Kansas Authors Club. After lunch she spent one-on-one time with participants desiring publishing suggestions while Night Writer Melanie Dees Campbell led the group with open mike presentations. New faces were present. Guild member and reporter Jacob Hatfield's review: Writers' Guild speaker offers advice on writing humor, Source: The Marshall Democrat-News, 4/29/2010.
April is Poetry Month and the Guild is celebrating with the Marshall Public Library. Night Writer Melanie Dees Campbell will MC an Open Mike for readings. All are welcome.
Guild members share recipes. Source: The Marshall Democrat-News, Sydney Stonner, 12/9/2009 and 12/16/2009
Guild member Dr. Edward Richards publishes rare memoir of college life in the early 1950's. More
Guild members salute Lavinia Lower Lile (2/131912-7/16/2009) for her "lifelong devotion to language and the written word." Source: Carole Kays Schaefer in Saline Silhouettes
Dr. Mark Adderley educated, informed and charmed those attending the 2009 Workshop. Dr. Adderley, a Missouri Valley English professor and medieval scholar, is writing a fictional series on the Arthurian legend. The first book in the series, The Hawk and the Wolf, is available from or visit Both day and night writers were present at the workshop and a good time was had by all. Local author discusses first book, publishing process at Writers' Guild workshop, Source: The Marshall Democrat-News, Jacob Hatfield, 5/1/2009.
Dateline: 2007-2008. The Saturday Writers of St. Charles have announced that Guild member Carole Kay Schaefer's essay, "Hobbies I Have Known," has been accepted for publication in their literary magazine, Cuivre River Anthology Volume IV.

Guild member Carol Raynor signed her book, Water Carried Up Hill, at Sedalia Book and Toy on Saturday, May 24.

On April 17 the Guild held its annual Workshop with guest speaker and author Sharon Kinney Hanson. She was inspiring.

Guild members gather for a group book signing at Sedalia Book and Toy from 2 - 4 pm on Friday, November 30, 2007.

Guild president Authorene Phillips' Arrow Rock: the Story of a Missouri Village is available. More
David E. Moore, Associate Director of the Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Columbia, University of Missouri, featured speaker at the October meeting. More from The Marshall Democrat-News, Kathy Fairchild, 10/23/2007.

Dr. Ben Nelms featured speaker at Annual Workshop ~ Source: The Marshall Democrat-News, Kathy Fairchild, 4/24/2007.
Guild member Carole Kays Schaefer, was surprised and honored when her teaching project was chosen to appear in the spring issue of School and Community, a Missouri State Teachers Association publication. The article highlights a writing project Schaefer developed and implemented in the classroom to improve student writing skills and help raise MAP test scores. With encouragement from the local writing group, the Marshall Writers' Guild, Schaefer wrote up her project and submitted it to School and Community. Schaefer says in addition to having her project in print and being able to share it with educators through out the state, hearing from many teaching acquaintances with whom she had lost touch, has been wonderful. Schaefer has taught in public schools for 30 years.
Congratulations to Guild member Dr. Edward Richards who was published in the "Where I've Been" in the travel section of The Kansas City Star.
These letters by Guild president Authorene Wilson Phillips are included...
New Guild member Katherine Bennett invites writers to write about a fictional character who lived in the fictional dollhouse being constructed to be auctioned for the cancer unit at Fitzgibbon Hospital. Guidelines are on the internet -- Fitzgibbon Hospital Dollhouse Project Album.
The Marshall Writers' Guild presented this collection of books by Saline County writer, Loula Grace Erdman, to the Saline County Historical Society following a program at the Marshall Public Library presented by Carol Raynor (right). Erdman's cousin, Jean Redford, (left) added personal remembrances.
Jean Redford, Carol Raynor
Erdman's novels often featured Missouri and Missourians. She is buried in Blackburn, Missouri. The donated books are Another Spring, The Edge of Time, Far Journey, The Good Land, Life was Simpler Then, Many a Voyage, Save Weeping for the Night, The Wide Horizon, The Wind Blows Free, The Years of the Locust, A Time to Write (autobiography). Funds for purchases were provided by a grant from the Missouri Writers' Guild and private donations.
Anyone who would like to donate one of Erdman's books, or who has letters or photos from this author is encouraged to contact Amy Crump, Director, at the Marshall Public Library, 660.886.3391. June 2006 Note: Carol Raynor was contacted by a researcher of Erdman who will provide additional materials for the collection to be housed at the Saline County Historical Society. More from The Marshall Democrat-News, Mark Lile, 6/28/2006
The Guild is indebted to member Holly Forsman for her first class photos.
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