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Lighted Window
The brilliant orange of the maple leaves signals the approaching autumn season, but the nights remain comfortably warm. Crawling wooly worms foretell the coming of the hibernal equinox. Open windows are ideal in this weather.

Let me tell you a story of the harmless, minute insects that are so prevalent at this time of year. Since my knowledge of entomology is limited, I shall call them "gnats."

Swarms of these insects permeate the night air seeking a light in a window. Among the swarm are two audacious friends called Frick and Frack. Both of them love to explore the unknown.

"Shall we find a lighted window where a Homo sapiens is reading in bed?" Frick asked.

"That's a great idea!" replied Frack. "We can have a great time interrupting him." So off they flew. Suddenly Frack exclaimed, "I see one -- there, see?" Together they slipped through the screen and began flitting near the glow of the electric light bulb. In their excitement they decided to invite all of their insect friends to share in this delight.

Soon a plethora of gnats vengefully buzzed and flitted around the reader who tried unsuccessfully to wave them away. "Look," Frick said gleefully, "he is getting paranoid from our interruptions.

Finally, the exhausted reader reached over to switch off the lamp. Morning came and alas! There on the bedside table were little Frick and Frack with all their friends, "dead as mackerals." Their mission was accomplished and their life was over but what a sweet life it had been.
Dorothy Peterman -- Reprinted from Once Upon A Time, © 2005 | To the BOOK STORE
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