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Perfections Pursuit
Forever King
What If?
Young Mind
Go Spell
I've lived another year so it's time for another one.
This is my 2-cents based on where I'm from.
Finally gave up on trying to perfect my 3,
So, it's time to move forth and focus on me.
Gotta get back to the creativity I had when I was 5.
Still avoiding the 666 not believing his lie.
And trying to reach something God took 7 days to create.
It's making me resent the phrase "If you skate, you would be great, if you could make, a figure 8."
All this uncreative art is making me say nein!
Which means no, I wanna raise everyone's vision to 20/10
Make them see farther all the way to 3011.
Have the impact of the 12 disciples,
Or change stubborn ways like the 13th amendment.
Although slavery still exists, for teenagers this sounds insane
But human-trafficking exists in 2015.
As I feel the heat of 1 six year old looking up to me
I pray that at 17 my words are not just vanity.
Just Do It.
Perfections Pursuit
I've made mistakes
I've fallen down
But I got back up
Look where I'm standing now

On a mountain top
Far above the clouds
Reaching for Heaven's ceiling
But it's a long fall down

Can I make the jump?
Or will I miss my point?
The fear surrounds me
It could make me faint

My body's taut
This could end my life
I remember what Icarus taught
As I take flight

The wind hits my face
Only for a second though
As I collide into
The Tower of Babble

As I fall down
I realize my fate
When I hit the ground
Perfection awaits at heaven's gates.
Forever King
It's like watching Jordan score
Abraham Lincoln with four score
80 the year John Lennon was killed
Legends never die

It's Michael Jackson moon walking
Johnny Cash with his Folsom Prison Blues
Nelson Mandela from jail house to President
Legends never die

It's Shakespeare with a pen
A Titanic love story like Jack and Rose
Rosa Parks standing up for not wanting to stand up
Legends never die

It's Albert Einstein with E=mc²
Twins, Apollo and Artemis being so called "gods"
Jesus Christ proclaiming He is God
Legends never die

So you ask where do I lie?
Greatness really just depends on your state of mind
Knowing no matter what happens you will achieve
Look up to the sky and proclaim yourself Forever King
What If
Look up to the stars,
What if they are just the sky's scars?
Yet they still look beautiful.

Now, look at your scars
Both the emotional and physical.
What if you saw them like stars?

What if you saw them how I saw them?
Like precious memorabilia of victory,
A memory of being saved from defeat.

What if?
What if we embraced ourselves?
What if?
What if we accepted others?
What if?
What if?
Young Mind
Although I grew up watching who lives in the pineapple under the sea,
I never ever got a grade under a C.
Matter of fact I got straight A's, except for algebra,
But that was boring like watching algae bruh.
Wordplay is just touching the surface.
I have awe-inspiring alliteration abilities,
Painting pictures of five fireworks fighting for fascination.
But I take no pride in that.
I want my similes to be a hit from a linebacker,
My metaphors to be like a surgeon's scalpel,
While using irony for rereading the last two lines.

If you didn't get that you should higher your intellect.
This next part hurts so let me change the dialect.
Yo soy nada.
But I still don't have no worries like Hakuna Matata.
Because I know I will be great,
With a mind like this and an ability to relate.

I've learned honesty and transparency are man's greatest weapons.
So let me be great so I can change the world's mind,
And people will quote me like how I do Frost in this next line.
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by"
And that has made all the difference in this young mind.
The poems I don't reveal
The ones I keep close to my chest
The poems you can never dissect
The ones you had to have lived through

That's where you'll find me

The poems written, instead of homework
The ones where you wrote down just four words
The poems that awake you at midnight
The ones that make you happy you're alive

That's where you'll find me

The Poems inspired by heartbreak
The ones that keep you from drowning
The poems completely fictionalized
The ones that as you wrote you cried

That's where you'll find me

The poems that bring us together
The ones that tell us we are not alone
The poems that feel like they pierced our hearts
The ones that in reality keep them from falling apart

That's where you'll find me
In This Poetry
Go Spell
The page reaches towards the pen,
Ready to have its ink sink in.
The end result immortalizing both of them.
Earth's greatest weapon, Paper and Pen.

Together they have seen empires rise and fall,
Countless numbers exchanged for crushes to call,
Think of anything, they've seen it all.

Now, their relationship hasn't always been strong.
The time before they met was long.
Pen used to have another girl, Papyrus.
And, this relationship had always made Paper jealous.

So, Paper started seeing this guy lead,
But most people just called him Pencil instead.
Their relationship was fast-paced
And when Pen was suspicious it was always erased.

Until one day Paper and Pencil forgot an eraser,
And the damage caused was major.
Pen saw the marks
And their relationship was scarred.
 Paper and Pen became very distant.
Paper tried to speak to Pen, but he wouldn't listen.
Until one day, Bread erased Paper's marks,
And she convinced Pen she had made a new start.

Their re-established relationship started off weak,
Like newborn babies they could only have milk, not meat.
But, as they became more old and bold,
Their relationship too would grow and grow.

And just like the tree from which Paper was birthed.
They too began sharing the history of the earth.
From how empires would rise and fall,
To recording numbers for crushes to call.
Together, they've seen it all.

Someday this world will not exist.
When Paper and Pen make their final list.
But, when this day comes they will experience bliss,
For this is where their new journey begins.
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