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The Restoration of the Church (excerpt)
The Church was in the purpose of God before the creation (Ephesians 1:4–6; 9–11). It was conceived with Christ, was in gestation in his life and ministry, and was born at Pentecost. Beginning with 120 ordinary men and women who had walked with Jesus and were filled with the Spirit, the Lord worked through them with such power that their numbers increased from thousands to multitudes. Driven by persecution, they exploded out of Jerusalem to win converts and establish churches throughout the vast Roman Empire. They began a stream of influence that elevated Western culture and changed the course of world history. Published by CrossBooks. Booksigning article from Eric Crump, Editor for The Marshall Democrat-News, 5/28/2013.
The Restoration of the Church is available in print from the
Reverend Vernon Maxted -- The Restoration of the Church © 2013
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