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This writer's essay appeared December 24, 2006 in the Kansas City Star travel section under the feature, Where I Have Been. Her work can be found in the Marshall Writers Guild anthology books and Columbia Writers Guild "Well Versed". Articles by her have appeared in The Kansas City Star Magazine, Capper's Magazine, the Missouri State Teachers Association "School and Community" magazine, The Marshall Democrat-News, Slater Main Street News, The Ozark Mountaineer and Mature Living. She lives in Marshall, Missouri where she writes in between wifely duties and catering to her cat, Queen Sheba, (aka Misty).
November Sunlight
November sunlight
Belied the season
in Dallas,
Belied the shadow
in the upper window.
Shone on Arthur and his queen
smiling and waving, beguiling
the world.
A pop... pop, pop
Never again believe
in November sunlight.

November sunlight
Belied the season
in Ohio
Belied business-as-usual
in Northern Lights Mall.
Shone in a shop window,
colliding with a red neon light announcing
Inside halcyon music softly intoned,
"People, people who need people, are the luckiest..."
The music stopped.
A wavering voice, "President Kennedy... shot"
Behind the counter
a drowsy clerk gasped, "NO"
The little brown teapot slipped from my grasp,
its shards collecting warmth from the window.
Never again believe
in November sunlight.
Carole Kays Schaefer -- November 2006
Parallel Worlds
Dreams come each night
I am both observer and participant.
Beckoned not
Encounters come
With my beloved
With old friends
With those I've barely known.

We meet in virtual settings
Places long forgotten
A kitchen of yellow and red
I grasp a hefty fiesta colored cup
Resting on a shiny, gold-flecked table.
Beloved and I
We pass into a faded rose parlor
Surrounded by
Squatty silhouettes forest green
Adorned with silly lace doilies.
Suddenly awakened
In darkness
I am fazed
Suspended between two worlds.
Carole Kays Schaefer -- February 2007
Jupiter's Caprice
Jupiter, king of the sky
Booms and roars an omnipotent cry --
Gather water, wind and fire
Alchemize to my desire.

Jupiter commands --
Stratus, build me a colossal layered tower
Olympus I'll defy.
Nimbus, strike a lightning rod,
My scepter to electrify.

Jupiter whispers --
Cirrus, make me a mare
With wind-sprayed tail to ride.
Cumulus -- heap me a feathery Golden Fleece
A trysting place, to hide.

So when you see a cloudless sky
Know King Jupiter dallies nearby.
Even gods are men, you sigh.

Author's Note: Jupiter, King of the gods, was known for his many affairs, which he cunningly hid from his wife, Hera.

Carole Kays Schaefer, from The Wonder Of It All, © 2004
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